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Mathew Pont, having over 20years world Wide Consultancy Experience. Started out working In Exhibition Design in 1995 designing trade show exhibition stands.

In 2001 Mathew started working in the Hospitality and Retail design field, working with Clients such as BAA on Gatwick North Duty Free and John Lewis Place to Eat restaurants.

In 2004 he worked on Concept ideas with the Brand Union for Motorola retail stores, he also featured in 2006 D&AD with his concept for Eurotel Communications Store Prague.

Mathew then relocated to Amsterdam in 2006, there he worked for design consultancies VBAT and Michael Peters Group.

He’s lived and worked  In Sydney as Director Of Environments for Landor and then as a Team Leader for Geyer Melbourne working in workplace design.

Since then Mathew relocated back to England and Lives In Hove West Sussex.

” working In environments such as Amsterdam, Sydney etc has given me a new fresh approach to design, I really do believe as people we are a product of our environment. I see this more and more when architects tend to forget the ‘people scale”and places become hard to engage with, almost alien, people don’t feel connected. This happened In Almeria Nederlands, where Rem Koolhauus Designed a great new precinct but no one wanted to shop there.”

” The dutch design scene is very different to LondonDesign, I would say its more innovative in the use of materials and the Dutch outlook tends to help with the design process, as a go for it attitude!”

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Funny these days I tend to believe when walking into shops, bar restaurant  that rather than create an amazing interior, investing in training and customer service is key. I almost think to start there and ten build the design around this. Its almost as if when first entering into a new flagship store the expectation levels are huge, takes just one bad service experience to really put the nail in the coffin!

“So whats happened to the good olde creative sketch?”

Well I firmly believe to work in this field you must be able to conceptualise with a sketch. Theres someting about designerd who can “Feel” and engage more though the design process with a sketch. Sounds a bit etherial , but honestly its true!”

“A sketch forms the basis of the design. Sketching and interpreting idea in front of a client and team is always going to make the creative process more integrated.”